Multimedia Round 5

        Throughout this third year, multimedia is one of my interesting subjects. In this round, we had independent work in multimedia class. We can do our independent topic  based on what we have been learning from the beginning of the year. I think it’s really good because we can enjoy the topic that we are interested in. Different people have different interests. I choose Photoshop for my independent work. I love Photoshop because I don’t see things as they are, I see them as what I want them to be. Editing photo is my happiness, I never get tired of it. We can make what we always visualize come true by Photoshop. Sometimes pictures from Photoshop is really meaningful base on what we edit. Photoshop is magical, I can make my dream come true by Photoshop. We might have creativity of combine the photo together. Actually, we have only two weeks of multimedia because our facilitator is busy. These are my final products of these two weeks.

My Final Products

          These are called double exposure.  Double exposure is like a combination of two or more exposures to create a single image. Editing photo is not easy for me. When I have struggles, I always ask my friends and sometimes I used YouTube video. Friends and YouTube videos can be our second facilitators. I really love editing photos, even though I’m not really good at it. It’s one of the factors that can help our learning. Photoshop is not only combine one photo with another. It’s also can change the light of the photo. There’re thousand advantages of Photoshop. Your dream is in Photoshop. We are not only use Photoshop in Multimedia class but some subject also need Photoshop. Photoshop is really useful. Once we are not a proficiency, struggles always happen. Actually, my goal for this independent work is making different types of photos. As I mentioned, Photoshop has thousand effects. I also want to edit the smoke effect photo but I don’t have enough Photoshop tools, I can’t edit my photo. I also faced a struggle of using tools because we haven’t learned much, we don’t know what is this tool use for. If we already know how to use it, it will make our life much easier and for our future.  

Multimedia Round 4

           In this round, Python is getting harder and harder. I have learned about Python function, Python List and Python dictionary. Actually, after we finish learning  a project, we always have assignment in the website that called Your trinket Python. This website is really good, If we don’t really understand about our Python in class, Your trinket python gives us introduction to follow step by step. Python is not easy, it’s a computer language. We need to really understand, What Python want us to do. If we just forget a point ( . ), Our code won’t work. We need to look really careful and not to make mistake. Sometimes, I need to go on trip. I missed this class, when I came back, I completely don’t understand the purpose of what  Python want me to do. Even I follow the Trinket Python, it’s not 100% clear like the real life explanation. We have one week to complete this assignment. Luckily, our facilitator delay the due date. For those of who went on trip, So it gave me more time to ask for help. Before class start or at night time, I ask some help from my roommates who had learned this lesson. They really helpful and explained me everything. Sometimes, using dot connecting is really helpful. As I mentioned before Python is really hard, when I have catch up times, I need to ask for help more from my facilitator to get it really clear. Once we don’t really understand. It’s really hard to do the assignment. Otherwise, learning Python is really fun. When we know how to code really well, we can control Python.

Multimedia Round 3

What is python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language. Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991.


Learning Python is like learning new language. So far I’ve been learn about Boolean, if/elif/else statement, while loop, break statement, continue statement, range function  and infinite loop.

What is Boolean?

Boolean is data type that can have values True or False.

Example: “hello” is not “goodbye”

What is if/elif/else statement?

  • If statement is the statement which if the condition is true perform the action.
  • Elif statement is allow to use more than one if and will choose between if and elif.
  • Else is the last condition of if and elif and if everything is wrong will perform the else.


a = 5

if a % 2 == 0:

   print(“Even number”)

elif a % 2 == 1:

   print (“Odd number”)


   print (“I’m not sure what’s happening”)

What is while loop?

While loop, used when a condition needs to be checked each iteration, or to repeat a block of code forever.


fruits = [‘banana’, ‘apple’,  ‘mango’]
for fruit in fruits:       
  print ‘Current fruit :’, fruit

What is break statement?

Break statement is the statement that stop the rest of the code.


fruits = [“apple”, “banana”, “Mango”]

for x in fruits:


 if x == “banana”:


What is continue statement?

Continue statement is the skip a code and continue to the next statement.


fruits = fruits = [“apple”, “banana”, “Mango”]

for x in fruits:

 if x == “banana”:



What is range function?

Range function is the range the code in older or limit.


for x in range(10):


What is infinite loop?

Infinite loop is the loop that will never stop.


i = 1

while i < 6:


Note: To Stop infinite loop is add :


i = 1

while i < 6:


i += 1

Multimedia Round 2 Year 2

In this term, I got to learn multimedia only three weeks but I learn so many things, such as:

  • Learning about what makes a good story
  • How to write a short story by the Pixar story
  • Get to know about kind of photo
  • How to take the photo
  • Illustrator

Learning about what makes a good story

        We can make stories in many ways by writing, making a video, doing Podcast or making animation videos on what are you interested in.

Clues to write a good story:

   You can include Problem, specific sitting, emotional, not too long and good description. You also can include using some metaphors. Here one of my favorite examples of metaphor about life: “Life is like a cloud. Today you are bright, tomorrow you can get darker and the day after you will disappear. The meaning is like today you are healthy but tomorrow you can get sick or maybe the day after you can be gone.”

  • Problem: If your story doesn’t include problems, it’s is very simple and boring because there nothing happened
  • Specific sitting: You should tell the specific sitting because it makes your story clear and if your story tells the specific sitting you can visualize your story easily
  • Emotional: Emotional is very important to your story because it can affect the reader or the spectator’s feelings
  • If your story is too long, the reader will be bored. You need to describe it and take only the main ideas of the story.
  • You need to describe your story clearly, like describe the specific sitting.

How to write a short story by the Pixar story

  Writing a short story by the Pixar story, we can summarize from the movie or video to be shorter but still keep the story the same.  In Pixar story, we must need:

  • Once upon a time
  • Everyday
  • One day
  • Because of that
  • Because of that
  • Until finally
  • Note: You can use “Because of that” as much as you want. Here is my Pixar story: 



      Once upon a time, there were women that live a big house with her lazy son name Boby. Every day, Boby always watches TV all day long. He never goes to school or helps his mom to do some housework. One day, his mom got an accident and pass away. Because of that, No one cleans the house or cook rice for him. His house becomes dirty. Because of that, He tries to do some housework and cook rice by himself. He misses the food that his mom had made for him and then he tries to imagine the ingredient that has in his mom’s food. He tries again and again to cook his food. Because of his determination he successfully made his own delicious food. Because of that, he joined the Master Chef event. Until finally, He becomes a successful master chef.

Get to know kinds of photo

There are eight kinds of photos. Such as:

  • Straight Horizon
Straight Horizon is the lines of your photo is straight.
  • Rule of third
Rule of third is the object that stay in the third row.
  • Head room
Head room is let the amount of space for the head of your photo.
  • Lead room
Lead room is let the amount of space in the photo. Like something is moving so we need to make space for those thing to go.
  • Symmetry
Symmetry is the reflection of the photos.
symmetry is also in a photo we can divide it into two.
  • Depth
Depth is the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in focus.
  • Frames
Frames is the photo that have something cover surround your main focus photo.
  • Leading line
Leading Lines is all the lines in your photo should go to only one direction.

How to take photo

If you want to take a good photo, first you must know Exposure :

  • Exposure is:
  • Amount of light that reaches your camera sensor
  • Determines how light or dark your photo will be
  • What are 3 things that affect exposure?
  1. Shutter speed:
  • Length of time the shutter is open to allow light in
  • Measured in fractions of a second
  • Affects how motion is captured
(1/250 is faster), ( 1/2 is more light)


  1. Aperture
  • Size of opening in the lens through which light enters the camera
  • Measured in f-stop values
  • Affects depth of field
  • The smaller the f-stop, the more light
  • The larger the f-stop, the less light
  • Wide aperture (f/1.4) has a shallow depth of field
  • Narrow aperture (f/22) has a deep depth of field
(F2 is have more blurring back ground), (F22 have a normal background)
  1. ISO
  • How sensitive your camera is to light
  • The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the camera is to light (so photo is brighter) and it will affects image noise
  • Best to keep ISO low: only increase when aperture and shutter speed adjustments are not enough
The different of ISO.
If you put to high ISO, Your picture will have the noise. Like the right picture.
Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO.

Multimedia Round 1 Year 2

           In  2018 this term, I just start to learn about multimedia. In class, we have been learning about how to research, Photoshop, Light-room, adobe In-design and Algorithm. We get to learn just a little bit because this class, we have divided with STEM class.

        As we all know, Photoshop is an application that we can edit the photo, cut, or add other photos to be in one photo. Light-room is an application that we can edit the light to be dark or bright. In-design is an application that we can make books.

This is the picture that I have been edit in Photoshop and Light-room
This some of the information that I have been researched about Hillier and put all those information in the adobe In-design.

    What I like the most in this class is editing photos. I really like editing photos, it’s like magic, we can transform a normal picture into an amazing picture. It also shows how creative and hard work we put in each outcome.  I love doing all of these things because after I see my outcome, I will proud of what I have done.