Math Round 4

In this round, I have learned about percentage and angles. I really enjoy learning math in this round. Math is really hard for me, but this round I really love math. Even percentage is a little bit hard for me but I still get it. After school our facilitator gives the assignment to do in Khan. Khan is really helpful, if we don’t understand something, Khan Academy has the video that explain everything that we don’t understand. Khan is also my facilitator of helping my percentage learning. I really enjoy with learning about angles. It’s kind of easy for me learning angles because I have learning it from last book already. Angles is  really easy if we are smart enough to find it out. There are no missing angle, if we know the ways to find it. Helping our learning better is about asking. Some parts of learning angles is also hard, so I need to ask for help. We can ask for help from our friends or our facilitator. If the lesson is not really clear for me, I will ask for help for make my learning better.

Math Round 2

This term, We are still continue working on 5A math book.  I have learn how many things about Subtract fraction, add fraction, multiply fraction, Divide fraction, geometry, Surface area and ratio.



In geometry we learned how to find the area and perimeter of each shapes. Such as rectangle, square, triangle and parallelogram.


How to find the area and perimeter of rectangle

How to find the area of Triangle


How to find the  perimeter and area of square

How to find the area and perimeter of parallelogram

Surface area

In this lesson, we learning to find the surface area of a solid object and  measure of the total area that the surface of the object occupies. We only got to learn about rectangular prism and cube.

How to find the surface area of Rectangular Prisms:

How to find the surface area of cube


Ratio is the quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other. In Ratio, we learned how to compare the amount of something to other. We also learned how to simplify it. Ratio is my easiest lesson, it is really simple and easy to understand.

-Simplify ( if needed), Example: 12: 20= 6:10= 3:5

         One interesting thing in my class is we completed our 5A Math book within two rounds, which is last round and this round. We’re not only focus on our book but we still practice on Khan academy. This round we also practice on ( In, we are learning about algebra.

Math Round1

          In this math class, Just only about seven weeks I have learned a lot of things. Such as about word problem, factor, multiple, prime factorization, distributive property, algebra and fraction.

Our book is Primary mathematics 5A. After we done with work we also can do our workbook or textbook, we also do Khan academy, puzzles or practice in textbook.

Since we start math class for this term, the first thing I learned is about factors and multiples. Factor a number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expression. There some kind of factor, such as like common factor, greatest common factors and lowest common factors.

Click here: Factor, Distributive Property and Fraction


Khan academy is the website that really useful. It can help me to understand more about my lesson. We can practice in Khan academy any time. It really help me to improve my learning skill. I also learn new things. In this website, there aren’t not only about math but there have so many subjects about our learning. It also has grade for us the learn. Some of the practice works, it’s hard because some of the lesson, I’m not yet learn it. In this Khan Academy, Our facilitator can also assigned us to do some problems or works.  I really love this website because it’s useful and help me a lot and also I can get some point from my facilitator, when I do their assignment.