English Literacy Round 4

Our theme this round is about happiness. I have learned different thing about happiness. Everything is related to happiness and we also wrote an essay about  “How to be happy “. Every single person on this Planet  has different personality and opinion. Everything, they did also have different reason. Even ways to get happiness also different.  Here are some ways that some people might be happy after read my essay. 

Dalen En

Hannah Trivit

English Literacy

09 April 2019            

                                     How to be happy when you are lonely

                                                             How to essay

You might be facing many troubles before you admit that you are trapping in this bad situation. No empathy, damaging relationship, or even nonbeliever. According to campaign to end loneliness website. Over half (51%) of all people aged 75 over live alone. 17% of older people are in contact with family, friends, and neighbors less than once a week. 11% are in contact less than once a month.  There are millions of people are facing loneliness. Loneliness is one of a serious problem in the emotional experience.

Research has shown that Loneliness is the feeling of depression, sadness because one has no friends. Being a human is really difficult and face millions of troubles. Loneliness is the wall blocking the bright of  happiness. Sometimes you might feel lonely because you’re really stress and bored. According to the Cleveland Clinic website. Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts.

Millions things can cause a feeling of loneliness. Most of the people facing the loneliness issue because they need more friends or even warmth from their family. Everything is different from friends and family. Lonely is hurt and you feel like an outsider with no one care. Loneliness can lead to depression.  Loneliness count as the main problem could affect our immune system. It is a natural human reaction to have many emotions, beyond sadness. Here are some strategies that can make you feel better.

Cry it out

There is nothing wrong with crying over loneliness. Crying can provide a feeling of relief. Instead of acting like we are fine when we feel really isolated. Crying actually give benefit because it could release negative feelings. Just cry, Relieve  your troubles with those tears. If you can’t control your temper, just shout it out. After raining will be sunshine. Compare your tears to the rain, you are crying to see the sunshine. After you cry, you will see your beautiful earth again. You lighten your life again. You throw that loneliness away with those rain. You will feel like you are born in the new world.

Spend time with nature

Nature is a comforting zone that can decrease your stress. Spending time with nature is spending time with phycology. Nature rescue philosophical issues. The stress of an unpleasant environment can cause you to feel anxious, or sad, or helpless. Nature is a place which provide fresh air, new vision, and natural music. It could affect your immune systems. Viewing nature scenes increases our ability to pay attention to, because humans find nature inherently interesting. We can naturally focus on what we are experiencing out in nature. This also provides a respite for our overactive minds, refreshing us for new tasks. If you feel really lonely, Can you just spend five minutes sitting with nature? Observe every move of nature. Does it try to comfort you? Enjoy yourself with that movement.

Spend time with your pets

If you feel friendless, why don’t you spend this moment with your pets? Your pets will never hurt your feeling. Sometimes pets might be the one who understands you really well. According to www.southbostonanimalhospital.com said, pets make us feel less lonely. As humans are social beings, loneliness is a common source of stress. Our pets provide companionship, which not only decreases loneliness. As my own experience, when I felt no one is being open to me. I always spend my time with my pet. I love to play with the pet’s fur. According to Cierra Eubank an aspiring photojournalist and currently work at Fuchsia Spa in Dana Park, said Touch therapy, or massage therapy, is not just good for our muscles; it’s good for our entire physical and mental well-being. Research shows that a single touch can help reduce anxiety and stress, and it can also help us to feel more secure, safe, and less alone.”  If you feel so lonely touch your pet’s fur. It’s warmth could make you feel better.

Be creative

Be creative, even you are not in the mood. Draw anything in your mind. Writing letters, poem or stories to impress your feeling. Writing about your feelings can help reduce stress. Writing make us comfortable with issues, which it’s easier than talking to other people. Write everything, you want to says. Draw the place you want to visit, think positive, think about the place that no one can go to the only place that can make you feel warm.

Ask for help

Most of the people are really need help when they face loneliness. The feeling that needs friends. At least there is one friend will standing there helping you out. As my own experience. I faced loneliness many times. I felt no one will be here when I need them so I just stay in my bed at night and cry.  As my own suggestion, Please don’t do that. If you see the one who makes you feel lonely, confess your feeling to them. Never say you are lonely because of nothing. There are always have the cause behind this loneliness. If you already find the cause talk it out. The first time, I said, “ No one makes me sad”. After a while, I found it out that I need more love from my friends. Then I started to set the time to confess my feeling to them. After they knew my problem, they make thing better again. Don’t afraid to confess your feeling.

In fact, it’s okay to be lonely, You just need time to deal with this feeling. Loneliness can teach you a lot. It teaches you to taste the experience of life. It teaches you to spend more time with yourself. Most of the people that have a lot of friends, they spend just a little amount of time with themselves. They just take care of their friends. If we’re alone, we’ll take care of ourselves more than taking care of others. Loneliness teaches you to be a leader. You are lonely, you are a leader. You can do whatever you want, you are independent and you are not under control. I hope, you feel better. Bring Happiness to anywhere you go. When you love what you have you are not lonely.


  • Eubank, Cierra, and Lisa Vukonich. “How Touch Reduces Stress.” Fuchsia, 2 Jan. 2016, fuchsiaspa.com/how-touch-reduces-stress/.
  • South Boston Animal Hospital. “Family Animal Hospital in Boston.” Family Animal Hospital in Boston, www.southbostonanimalhospital.com/.

Literacy Round 3


Did you ever wonder or asking yourself, why you got your name like that? And what is the meaning of it? I know every single of you are reading my blog, got such as a beautiful name. Let’s get to know more about my name.

In spanish Dalen is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Dalen is: Rhyming- a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers. In my family, my name means nothing but I think it’s a precious name that represent my entire life.

My name was named by my parents. My name didn’t have any special meaning. My parents named me this name because my bigger sister name Dalin. They decided to name Dalen because it’s similar to Dalin. In Cambodia, most of the parents, they named their children by how similar the sound of the name to their name or their first child’s name.

All my family members didn’t have the same name as me but Dalen is one of the famous name in Cambodia. Most of the times when I went outside, I met a lot of people that name Dalen. In my government school, there maybe three people that have the same name as me. Even though at Liger, I also got a friend name Dalen.

I wish my friends would had a different name because it’s really confusing whenever they call my name and my friend’s name. This name is really confusing but I don’t want to change it. Because I born with it. Even it means nothing but it’s really important to me. It show the real of me. 

Let’s getting to know a little bit more about yourself!
Inheritance of Traits

Did anyone have told that you look like your dad or mom? Or you have a curly hair like your grandfather. That because your trait are determined by your genes that inherited from your parents. Example dimple that because of the genes that you got from your parents. Sometimes your dad didn’t have dimple but your mom has. That is also because of your mom genes.


Different form of genes are called alleles. There are allele A and allele B. Allele A is giving you  dimples but allele B doesn’t. If you want to know more information go to Inheritance of Traits Mini Lesson. 

Where i’m from

In this class we also have been created poem  about where i’m from that inspire by George ella lyon. Here is my Video of where I’m from. Enjoy!

Okay! Let’s pause it here. Let’s learn new thing about our literacy.

Story structure


In every single story or movie, there are always have story structure. In story structure, there are exposition, conflict, raising action, climax, falling action and resolution. In a story, it also include main character and setting.

  • What is exposition?

exposition is where we learn some background information about the character(s), setting, and a possible problem/conflict the character(s) may have.

  • What is conflict?

Conflict is a problem or struggle between two opposing forces in a story.

  • What is raising action?

Rising Action is the central part of the story during which various problems arise for the main character(s) after a conflict has been introduced.

  • What is climax?

Climax is the highest point of action or change in the story.  It is also known as the turning point.

  • What is falling action?

Falling action is the action and dialogue following the climax that lead the reader into the story’s end.  

  • What is resolution?

Resolution is the part of the story in which the problems are solved and the action comes to a satisfying end.

Literary device

(Matrix Education)

          You can write your own stories or movies by using this structures. You also need literary device. If you don’t add them into your stories or movies. It won’t be interesting, you need them to help for catch your reader’s attention by your stories.

  1. Tone
  2. Mood
  3. Motif
  4. Foreshadowing
  5. Suspense
  6. Poetic justice
  7. Conflict
  8. Theme

Literacy Round 2

This round 2, I have learned so many things in Literacy class. Such as Like Learning about Social and Environmental injustice, Living in Landfill, History of Halloween, Debate on letter grade, devil’s advocate, and learning how to write essay.

The rent collector

In our Literacy Wednesday class, we have been reading a book that called The rent collector. The author is Camron Wright. This book was related to people’s life in Steung Meanchey dump place in Cambodia and it also related to Literacy. This book is really good because it taught me that Literacy is really important for us. Even though we live in the dump place but literacy can change our life. It’s kind of related to our lesson about environmental injustice because inn this story is talking about how trash affect our health and how many garbage that enter into the landfill everyday.

The Rent Collector


I’m really interested in debating because it’s help me a lot. Such as like helping me to know more idea of the other team why they choose to agree or disagree with that statement. It’s also help me to trying to find the solution. In future we are not only debating in our class but we could debate for best solution to our country.

    For this debating, the statement was Schools should stop the practice of giving letter grades to students. Instead, they should only give written feedback. I was agree on this statement. 

Schools should stop the practice of giving letter grades to students. Instead, they should only give written feedback.

Learning something is not always depend on letter grades but it’s depend on what are you really get to learn in your class. Because if you are cheating, you just get the high letter grades and your learning is just going down. And you won’t study hard enough to get your own scores just sit still and copy other work. By the way if you get the feedback from your teachers or you facilitators, you will know what is your grade really is? Educators say giving feedback is gives parents more information about their child’s performance in the classroom.


Grades are preferable. They offer clean lines of demarcation between types of performance, types of student, types of future. They point us in a few clear directions. They tell us that a student needs help. They tell us a student has talent. But they don’t tell us how to help, how to IMPROVE talent, how to push students to be better.

Devil’s Advocate


 After the debating ended, we have learned about devil’s advocate. Being Devil’s advocate is we are trying to argue with our idea because when we know what are the question that the other side will ask. So it’s easy for us to find the solution to fight them. In the lesson, we have so many topics. My topic is about Every society should follow the one child rule. For the first time, I was disagree with is topic but after I did some research I’m kind agree with it. Here some of my researching on Every society should follow the one child rule.

The Chinese government says that the One Child Policy has restrained China’s mushrooming population (claiming that it has prevented an estimated 400 million births since its inception in 1980).

  • If there are four children in each of your family how about the world, how many population?

1.Population Control. China is one of the most populous countries in the world, with its population over 1 billion. Without the policy, this number will continue to add up and this can aggravate the problem of overpopulation.

  • If there are so many children in your family, how can each of they get the jobs easily?

2. Job Opportunities. With the strict rule of One Child Policy, children who grew up during this period were able to find jobs easily since there will be positions available.  jobs will need to be filled in and the younger generation will be the ones to take the place of the available jobs.

  • If there so many children in your family do you have times for them or get them something that they need?

3.Better Life. Having only one children is having a comfortable life. This is because all the attention, love and financial resources of the parents will be enjoyed by the child. He or she will have the chance to get the best education, better health care and job opportunities.

  • Do you able to have enough sources for pay your children?

4 Incentives. As a reward for complying with the policy, Chinese parents who followed the rule they will apply for education loans for their children, longer days of maternity leave and housing loans. Without the policy, parents will not be able to take advantage of these privileges. (futureofworking.com)

I really love debating. It gave me a lot of information that I never knew before. I helping me to find the best solution on what we are allow or not allow to happen.

Writing essay 

       Writing essay is not an easy thing to do but you need to find the strong resource, grammar and experience. For only one essay, you need to check with your facilitator for two times and with your classmates for two to three times. Here is my final essay that I have been working on for two weeks. Enjoy reading! 

Dalen En

Hannah Trivit

English Literacy

14 december 2018

 Fighting For The Earth Green Life

 Argument essay

Nowadays deforestation is increasing over years. In fact, We’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute. One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second. It is estimated that within 100 years there will be no rain-forests. Do you ever think about, where are all the air that you breath come from? Do you ever think, why the climate is changing? And why mostly are the farmers getting in poverty?

Although it is considered to be a benefit to the economy of Cambodia, we should take action to protect Cambodia’s forests and wildlife because the forests help sustain life, reduce poverty, and decrease climate change.

Everyone should protect life on land because forests cover nearly thirty-one percent of our planet’s land area. “For forests are home to more than 80 percent of all land animals, plants and insects.” From the air we breathe to the water we drink, to the food we eat–forests sustain us. This means that we need trees to live. Water combines with carbon dioxide and sunlight to make sugar which is food for the tree. During this process, called photosynthesis, trees also produce oxygen. Trees also help to keep the air clean and fresh. For example, let’s consider the water we drink. The Educational nature writes “ There is more than 50 percent of water in a single tree. Forests play a big role in providing water. Forests are very good at allowing water to enter the ground.” This evidence is very helpful to our world of protecting the forest. Not only protecting forest but it also protects life on this planet. If we continue cutting down the tree is smash wildlife and your life. A story about green energy by Irene Chan. “ Baby has a blanket. It’s not too big or too little. It’s not too thick or too thin. It’s just right. When baby puts the blanket on, she feels warm. The earth has a blanket, too. Just like a baby! The earth’s blanket is air. Air is made up of many different gases. We can’t see them, but they’re all around us. Plants and animals need air to live. Sunlight warms the earth. The blanket of air helps hold the warmth in. Some gases in the air, like carbon dioxide, are very good at this. They are called greenhouse gases. But people adding more greenhouse gases to the air. Cars and trucks burn fuel that makes extra carbon dioxide. Power plants and factories do, too. The extra greenhouse gases hold in too much warmth. Under the blanket, the earth is getting too hot. How can people help? We can use others kinds of energy that don’t add greenhouse gases to the air. This is called green energy. Baby wants to help. Too! What can she do? Walk instead of ride. Turn off the lights. Recycle. Baby love green energy because Baby loves our earth.” In this story, all the plants, animals and human are depending on the forest which is green energy.

Although around 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihood. The forest products the source of economic growth in the world. About 1 billion people worldwide depend on drugs from forest plants for their medicinal needs. 8,000 types of forest are used in the world to support agriculture, environmental sustainable as well as food and nutrition security. From the website call Down To Earth “ 75 percent of the world’s poor are affected by land degradation, because of those areas with low agriculture productivity and economic potential. There are some concerns that these areas wouldn’t be developed and  they getting poor.” An example of Cambodia livelihood. Cambodia is a country which is developed by agriculture. If Cambodia facing land degradation, our country will getting poorer and won’t develop. 1.44 million hectares of forests and woodlands are lost every year due to deforestation, causing a large amount of income to poor people living in areas who depend on the forest to survive. This information means that we should take action to protect Cambodia’s forests.

Even climate change, it also caused by deforestation. Deforestation is very important in global climate change. Climate change is because of a build-up of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere .we can expect the climate of our planet to change over the next ten years. It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide are released to the atmosphere due to deforestation, mainly the cutting and burning of forests, every year. “From the Newsela article that call Africa’s “Tree of Life,” the baobab, may be the victim of climate change. This article was about Baobab trees are found in the grasslands of Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. They can live for thousands of years. Now Baobab trees are in danger. By the researching form a rain-forest expert at George Mason University in Virginia. He agrees that climate change is probably what is killing the large baobabs. The climate change came from a change in the trees’ environment.” Africa is not only a country that facing this problem even in Cambodia, but we also facing this problem, losing forests. There are not only baobab trees is important. Every single kind of tree can control climate change. Even though each of you is cutting down a single tree. In the future, all of you will kill all the trees. As my own experience, when I was young. My house was surrounded by mango trees. At night times, I don’t even need fans. After a few years later, my dad cut down all those mango trees. After all, I always need the fan even at night time. That was just a little amount of tree but it changes my environment to get hotter. How about 18.7 million acres of forests annually? It’s really really hot.

Tree can control everything even poverty, climate change and your health. If climate  change your health also change. In Cambodia there are only two season, dry season and rainy season. Let’s go back to three years past, rainy season there  are always rain. Now, even rainy season but there no raining. As my own experience, I always get headache whenever the temperature is too hot. That is affect to health problem by climate change. Continue cutting down tree, every single of you will get headache. You don’t even know that your daily life is depend on tree. Trees are really important to all of you. Tree is oxygen.Saving tree saving your life. Growing more trees helping life.

Literacy Round 1

In this term, I have learn so many thing in this class, especially new words. In this class in one week, we learn ten new words. Also we have homework packet to do every weeks and different root words. We also read some articles especially from Newsela and Readwork. For the first week, I were learned about The gods behind the days of the week

According to some information about Newsela, they said that there are seven days of the week and all those day, it was name from all the planets in the solar system. These names started with the Romans, who ruled over much of Europe about 2,000 years ago. The Romans spoke a language called Latin. Such as like :

  • Sunday was “dies Solis,” the day of the sun.
  • Monday was “dies Lunae,” the day of the moon.
  • Tuesday was “dies Martis,” the day of Mars.
  • Wednesday was “dies Mercurii,” the day of Mercury.
  • Thursday was “dies Iovis,” the day of Jupiter.
  • Friday was “dies Veneris,” the day of Venus.
  • Saturday was “dies Saturni,” the day of Saturn.

How those days were named by :

There One of these groups, the Anglo-Saxons, brought their gods and language to what is now Great Britain. In English, Saturday was named after Saturn, Sunday after the sun and Monday after the moon. The other four days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, were named after Anglo-Saxon gods.

(Throwback Thorsday – WordPress.com)
  • Tuesday is named after the god Tiu. This god was probably a god of war, just like the Roman god Mars.
  • Wednesday is named after the god Woden, who is like the Roman god Mercury.
  • Thursday is Thor’s day, or the day of thunder. It is related to the Latin “dies Iovis,” or the day of Jupiter.
  • Friday is the only weekday named after a female god, Frig.

It was kind of surprise for me, because in Cambodia the name of all the days were taking from all the planets too.

In this class, we are not only learn from our teacher but we also read some articles from Newsela and Readwork. 

Credit: (enabling e-Learning – TKI)

Newsela is a website that we can read some news or articles. Newsela is a great website for me because it has a lot of articles. After we read all those articles, we also can get some more information. There are so many category in this website. There have some block in this website such as Library, news, text set, collection and we also can research  some articles that we want to read about. If you click on Library there are so many information for you to read. If you try it, there will have more interesting thing for you . After we read those articles, we also can take quiz to know how much that we can understand about that articles. Our facilitator can also assign some works for us to do. www.newsela.com

Credit: (Pearl Public School District)

Readwork also the great website that can help us with our learning. In this website, we also can read some articles. This website is similar to Newsela but I think Newsela is a global website because everyone can get to read the articles. For Readwork, we can read only when our facilitator assign us to read . It’s also kind of easy because it has some vocabularies of some difficult words for us when we don’t understand. It also has some quiz for us. www.readworks.org

The humming room (Amazon.com)

After we finish some of our work in class, we also independent reading. Our class is at led studio center, which the place that we store our books in there so it’s really easy for us to choose the books to read. We also have literacy on Wednesday. After we finish those books. We were doing inspire piece of art. I were a book, which is The humming room and I were writing a poem about it. Here is my poem:

The Humming Room

Roo is a little brave girl

She live in the world that no one care

She also look like a little bear

No one was care when her parents pass away


After a while her aunt took her to live in a house

It seem only the mouses that live in there

When She went in, she just look and stair

See what in there why it was so quiet


First time living in there was so mystery

And it was not free like living alone

But her heart was like a stone

Cause she had grown by herself


That house was really scary

So Roo wanted to see were happened

So she went into the room had been abandoned

It was like a heaven when she  go in


When she went in seeing a boy

And all those voice were come from him

Every night he always scream, cause all his dream, it had been gone


He dreamed to see his mommy

But suddenly his mom had pass

It seem like him losing a brush

And all the dust come in his life


Knowing all the problem that he has

She start to clean all the mess

Growing the plants that have been dead

From thing were flat to be thicker


His mom had left a dead garden

But Roo comment to grow it back

Make all those plant to become shake

It can also make, him to remember


After a few month the garden turn green

And all the wind brush dust a way

That what he want and had been pray

And his new day were starting now


That cause some help from little girl

She like a pearl shine for a person

She help a boy with no reason

What she has done is her kindness


She teaching me to be more brave

She also drive me to kindness

Even the start it was a mess

But she try her best helping other.


Brave is the shield of fearness

Kindness is the weapon that kill selfish