How I change Cambodia (2018-2019)

Liger Leadership Academy is teaching me how to be a change agent. Liger grows the new generation to become a new model of Cambodia. We develop our country, we make our country foremost. Change is to make a difference. We are walking on a path which leads, to be a change agent. While walking, we see a different view, we define the meaning of the view. We face many problems, we solve problems. We get a new experience, we took our experience for our future. Everyone walk on a different path. The different path which leads to one goal.

This is my third year at Liger Leadership Academy. Only three years, I have learned plenty of new experiences. I have learned how to be creative from little things. I have learned to be an entrepreneur. To explore Cambodia, to have management,  learn from little pieces, to solve problems, technology, to protect what we have and to survive. In this year, I have been joined Ecotourism exploration. This exploration is one of the factors that can change and save Cambodia. I’ll take this experience for my future.

This exploration is trying to create an Ecotourism site, which protects wildlife animals and tree. There are piles of the benefit of this exploration. The natural resource is really important for life. No tree is no life. Tree is one of the important sources for humans. Tree can change the climate, the tree can change a life. Tree provide what we need. We need to protect the tree. In Cambodia, people live in a rural area mostly are lack of education. They take trees as their own benefit. They do know the advantages of natural resource, but money can change the meaning of the advantages of natural resources. Money is telling people that “You cut down trees, you get money”. Lack of education can control people to do anything without thinking. We need to take action to solve this problem.

The benefit of Ecotourism for forests. If we are successful in creating this Ecotourism site, We will protect our trees and our wildlife. Why should we protect the forest? Forest is really important for life. We want to keep this natural resource for the next generation to know what does the world have provided. Imagine, in the next ten years. No action of protecting the forest. There will be no more tree. The climate will change. Who will face this problem? Not only affect the one who cut down the tree but to every single one of you. We live on the same earth. We need to protect what we have together. A world with no tree, a world with sickness.

Why do we need to protect the tree? So how can we make money? Ecotourism can help with this problem. We keep forest for Ecotourism site. Once we have a natural resource and wildlife animals. We can make money from the tourists. If they want to see our natural resources, they need to give us money. Yes, we sell our natural resource, but not by destroying them. Selling their view. Getting to know more about what is Ecotourism. Ecotourism is not only letting the tourists see what we have but we also let them see what we are doing. Cambodian people are talented. We show them what we can do, even showing our daily life. We can make money.

Even though, selling tree get more money but after you spend all that money. You have no more money and trees. How can you make money? If you save trees, you will have money forever. Most of the people taking care of Economy much more than the environment. Just to get money, they kill the environment. Money provides what people need and what people want. People might not think, Environment is also important. The environment provides places and breathes for human without any payment. People think, “I already have air to breathe, But I don’t have money to buy a car or any valuable thing. I just need money because the environment can’t buy my car.” I’m not going to change people’s mindset to agree with what I’m thinking. I’ll be a person who is standing in the middle that will protect both, economic and environment.

It also helps our economy grow. Economic growth is also related to tourism. Tourism has become an important sector that has an impact on the development of the country economy. The main benefits of tourism are income creation and generation of jobs. We create this Ecotourism site is also to increase the population of poverty. About 90% of Cambodia of the poor that live in the countryside. Even though we can’t help them much, but we did do what we can do to help. “Cambodia is technically a third world country and is one of the poorest nations in the world.” Read this sentence and ask me. How do I feel? How do people living in that situation feel? As I am a Cambodian next generation. Should I just read this sentence and ignore it? Even some people didn’t care about the meaning of this sentence, but I do care. I born in this country, I want to see my country developed. I want to change this sentence to “Cambodia is technically a third world country and is one of the richest nations in the world.”

Changing Cambodia 2017-2018

         My name is Dalen. I’m 14 years old. I have been learning in Liger Leadership Academy for 2 years. After I learn here for two years, I have been thinking of ideas that can change Cambodia to be a developing country. In this school have lots of kind of explorations and some events. For me I think all those explorations and events are all can help me to think of the idea of changing Cambodia.

  • Compost exploration

There are many explorations that I have done, but the most interesting exploration for me is composting. I am really interested in it because I think it can change Cambodia. It’s about compost but I think it can help reduce waste in Cambodia. If we make compost we will reduce the waste from our kitchen. Reduce waste from kitchen? How can it change cambodia? If we don’t change ourselves first, we can’t change other people, so we need to reduce the waste from the kitchen first before we reduce the waste from the whole environment. If we reduce all the waste and turn it into compost and grow our own vegetables, it will give us a lot of benefit.

The benefit of making compost: when we make compost we will reduce waste because cambodia have 63,30% of food waste and we won’t use chemical fertilizer. Using Chemical fertilizer is really bad for our environment. If we make compost we will reduce carbon footprint. The chemical fertilizer also cause the climate change. For the farmer, if they use chemical fertilizer, the soil will have no more nutrient. The chemical fertilizer only feed the plants but it won’t feed the soil. For compost, it feed the soil for the soil to feed the plants. If they still use chemical fertilizer, next time they won’t have good soil to grow their plants. If no field to grow rice, How will Cambodia economic go? Because Cambodia depending on farming. 

Growing our own vegetable

Benefit of growing plants, when we grow our own plants, we will reduce our money from buying other people vegetables. Sometimes when we buy other vegetables, they use the chemical fertilizer so when we buy them to eat, it will not be healthy for us. If we grow our own vegetables, we will use compost to put our vegetables, so we won’t eat the chemical fertilizer again. When we buy vegetables from outside so we will use plastic bags so it can also make Cambodia have more trash. If we grow our own vegetables we won’t use plastic bags anymore. Sometimes all those vegetables also can decorate our house make our look natural. In this exploration we also think about how to recycle, reduce or reuse plastic bags. We also think about the idea we should use bags instead of use plastic bags, use bottle instead of use plastic cup, use box instead of using Styrofoam box. We also recycle the old clothes into bags for putting vegetables or something else instead of putting it in plastic bags. I want all Cambodian people to think about the idea that can reduce plastic bags or stop using it and use something else. For the future of this exploration we will go to the villages and teach them how to make compost.

If I’m a president, I will tell all the people to practice my rule and I won’t allow people to use plastic bags any more. I think Japan is a good country because that country have a little bit of trash. One more thing they have been creating machines that we can take our own glasses bottle to put the things that we want to buy.That machine only have ingredients that have no plastic cover. For USA they have been creating the machines that can make all those plastic into small pieces Then they create new things from it. Some country they sell the plastic bags, if we need plastic we need to spend our money to buy it. They also use fabric bags instead of using plastic. I want Cambodian people to learn from those kind of things and now Cambodia is starting to sell the plastic bags at Lucky mall. I think it is really good.

After I learn this exploration, I really want Cambodia to be develop by having no more trash. This exploration is also a part of changing Cambodia.

  • Technovation

Technovation is can also change Cambodia because now Country need to be developed by technology. If we join Technovation, it mean we want to change Cambodia. I have been join it for two times, after I join this event I think it help a lot to change our country. This event is about how to create appreciation to solve the problem. There are so many types of appreciation and those appreciation are about changing and helping our country. One more thing that I interested about it is this event can join only for girl. I think it so good for girl to have this kind of opportunity because it’s promoting women in technology and showing girl can do something like men can do. When I join that event, they said “ Before there have lots of men that join something about technology so now they also want women to join technology.

I really appreciate it because it about human equality and technology. I really love this event. I want all girls to join this event to make change for our country and want all the people know girl are strong.