About Me

My name is Dalen En. I’m 14 years old. I born in 10 March 2004. I study at Liger Leadership Academy, which is located  in Ta khmao near the capital city Phnom Penh. I’m from Tbong Khmum province but after I been chosen to Liger Leadership Academy. I ‘ve been live in Phnom penh city far from my family. I been learning at Liger Leadership Academy for three years. For the first year at here I really miss my family but for my future, I try to live with my friends. I grew up with my parents and two siblings in Sre Seam villages Chiro Pi commune Tbong khmum district Tbong Khmum province Cambodia. I have one older brother and older sister, I’m the youngest child in my family. I’ve been live there for twelve years that why it hard for me to live without my family for the first years. After I learn here for a few mouth, I felt like I living at my own house cause everyone is really friendly. I’m one of 60 students in Liger leadership academy. I really love this school because it’s like a place that teach me to explore the world.

In free time, I also like to draw some pictures. When I learned at my government school I have been join a drawing competition in my province and I got third places. It’s such like a embarrassing moment for me but I didn’t give up. I still practice my drawing. When I come to Liger I also still draw some pictures for Bamboo Jaya which is Senior project about editing some wrong picture in Khmer textbooks. I really enjoy with drawing because when I start to draw some pictures, I feel relax and release all of my stress. I loving drawing some pictures from my imagination, but some people they need to look at that picture first then they start to draw. For me, I think draw from my imagination is easier because even though it’s not good but it’s our original idea. I also love painting but I like to paint when I imagine about the picture of the view.  

I also love sports. At the weekend or ASE time, I always play sports. My favorite sports are Football, Frisbee, handball and basketball. I always play Frisbee every Wednesday. I felt I’m really like it, even I’m not really good at it. I play football every weekend with some of my friends and my couch. In my school, we have divided girl and boy football teams. In this school we also have PE and I play handball only at my PE time. I also play basketball but I play it with friends without any couch. I really love sports because it’s really have fun and healthy.

In the future, I really want to be a scientist. When I was young, I have so many idea of the job that I want to be in the future such as teacher, doctor, police officer, engineer, Tour guide  and artist. After a few years past, I want to be a scientist because I want to explore new thing and get to know everything around me. Not only that because Cambodia, no one been a scientist yet, that why I want to be a first girl who be a scientist in Cambodia. I think being a scientist is really good for me because everything is from science. After graduate from Liger, I want to go study abroad in England which is my favorite country after Cambodia. Some of my friends said that, there is so impossible and hard to become a scientist. After I heard that, it’s push me more to want to become a scientist because I want to show them that everything is possible and even though I can’t do it but I still want to try my  best to make my dream come true.